Altra Clean Products

Altra Cleaners do not contain potentially hazardous ingredients including butyl, solvents, and alcohol bases. They are formulated for sensitive continuum of care equipment, patients, visitors and staff. Altra’s sustainable cleaning program can be customized to fit your hospital’s needs, including space, cost, and security requirements.

Altra Multi-Purpose HP Cleaner

Multi-Purpose HP Cleaner

Altra Multi-Purpose HP Cleaner is a patented all-in-one solution for cleaning healthcare facilities without stocking multiple products.

Altra Glass Cleaner

Glass Cleaner

Altra Glass Cleaner is a true dilutable glass cleaner for use on computer screens, lab equipment, glass, windows, mirrors, Plexiglas and other surfaces.

Altra Tub, Tile & Bowl Cleaner

Tub, Tile & Bowl Cleaner

Altra Tub, Tile & Bowl Cleaner is a heavy-duty foaming acid cleaner designed to remove tough hard water deposits, standing water rings, soap scum, lime scale, and mildew buildup on various restroom surfaces on which acid can safely be used.

Altra Muscle Cleaner

Muscle Cleaner

Altra Muscle Cleaner is a spray-and-wipe, concentrated, non-solvent based heavy-duty cleaner for use on walls, fixtures, equipment, and other hard surfaces.

Altra Odor Counteractant

Odor Counteractant

Altra Odor Counteractant is a true “on contact” odor killer. When sprayed directly onto the source, Altra Odor Counteractant reacts with odor-causing material, neutralizing it.

Altra Carpet Spotter

Carpet Spotter

Altra Carpet Spotter is a effective on both oil and water-based carpet stains.

Altra Extraction Cleaner

Extraction Cleaner

Altra Extraction Cleaner is low foaming, and leaves no residue to promote the re-soiling of carpet fibers.

Altra Heavy Duty Cleaner

Heavy-Duty Cleaner

Altra Heavy-Duty Cleaner is a highly concentrated cleaner designed to remove general soils, organic proteins, and food residues from surfaces including walls, floors, fixtures, and food processing areas.

Altra Surface Sanitizer

Surface Sanitizer

Altra Sanitizer can be used on walls, floors and fixtures including food processing and preparation surfaces.

The Altra Lite Applicator

The ergonomically designed Altra Lite Applicator covers all of your cleaning, disinfecting, and finishing requirements. Formulated for the sensitive continuum of care equipment, patients, visitors and staff, Altra products are effective and versatile.