Altra Clean Program

The Altra Clean Program is designed for EVS staff and the challenges they face in healthcare facilities. With innovative and ecologically friendly products and proportioning systems that are user friendly, Altra Clean provides a complete, quality program for healthcare facilities.

Why Altra Clean?

Customize the program to fit the needs of your facility considering space availability, budget, and whether or not products will need extra security.

The Benefits of Automatic Proportioning Systems

Altra proportioning systems automatically dilute products with the push of a button, ensuring quick, easy, and accurate dilution.

Proportioning Systems
These systems compact and able to fit in any custodial closet. Because they are self-contained, Altra Proportioning Systems eliminate contact with concentrated products and exposed tubing.

Altra Clean Products
Altra products are manufactured with proprietary technology to promote efficiency and effectiveness. They are super concentrated to reduce labor time and end-use cost. Altra Clean codes products by color and number to guide uses as they dilute and apply products.

Green and Sustainable
Altra products are ecologically friendly without sacrificing performance. Their flexible packaging eliminates product waste with 99% product evacuation. Several products are also Green SealTM certified.


Providing safer, ecologically friendly cleaning products without compromising performance is one of many ways Altra strives to promote sustainability. Altra combines green products with sustainable procedures and packaging to create a sustainable program that promotes human health and safety.

Altra Packaging

Altra Outer Box

Altra outer box packaging is double wall corrugated, recycable, and made from 41% recycled material.

Altra Inner Box

Altra inner carton packaging is made from 100% recycled paperboard and 35% postconsumer material.

Altra Bag

Altra 1.25L bags are compact and manufactured with 83% less plastic than rigid containers.

Amount of landfill space taken up by empty product containers (in cubic inches)

Effective, Versatile Cleaning

Altra products prioritize sustainability without compromising performance. They do not contain potentially hazardous ingredients including butyl, solvents, and alcohol bases.

Formulated for the sensitive continuum of care equipment, patients, visitors and staff, Altra products are effective and versatile.

Altra Lite Applicator

Altra Lite Applicator

Compatible with Altra proportioning systems, the Altra Lite Applicator promotes efficiency and reduces worker fatigue with its ergonomic design.

Expert Support

In healthcare, infection prevention can encounter many obstacles including providing resources for staff members, implementing proper programs and procedures, and training new staff members. Altra representatives are equipped with the training and knowledge needed to help mitigate procedural issues and train new staff members.

Speak to an Altra representative today to learn more about how Altra can transform your hospital or healthcare facility’s cleaning program.