Altra Surface Sanitizer

Surface Sanitizer

Altra Sanitizer is a super concentrated, broad-range sanitizer for your walls, floors and fixtures — to include food processing and preparation surfaces. It is EPA approved to deliver an accurate sanitizing solution at a range of 150–400 ppm.

Available Sizes: 1.25L Refills

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What's growing on your floors?

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Why Floors are an Unrecognized Reservoir of Pathogens in Healthcare.

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Altra Cleaners

Achieve the best overall value for each dollar spent with Altra Cleaners. Effective, safer, economically and ecologically friendly chemistry; hermetically sealed, flexible and sustainable packaging; together with a simplistic approach to proportioning to protect and preserve our environment. You can customize the Altra program considering your hospital's space, how many products you will dilute, cost, and whether or not your products need additional security.

Man using Microfiber to wipe down monitor
Close-up of hand with a glove on and microfiber wiping down a table